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Five things to consider in a dining table

The dining table is an important part of every home. From Sunday lunches to birthday parties, it plays a part in a lot of your family’s quality time. That’s why it is so important to find the right dining table for you and your family. We take a look at the things to consider when making this important investment.

Whatever type of table you buy, the first step should always be measuring the space you have to fill.
Remember that the space won't just be filled with a table but also chairs and of course people. Consider how many people usually sit at the table and if it will need to accommodate more people on specific days and occasions. It may be worthwhile opting for an extendable table if you tend to host large gatherings.

In many ways the dining table is the heart of the home, so it is important it reflects the personality of you and your family. Equally, there is no sense choosing a table that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your home’s décor, unless you are planning on seriously overhauling your interior. Consider the pieces you already have, the pieces you intend to buy in the near future and how they might relate to your prospective table.

The materials you choose will largely depend on both your style and durability needs. Glass and stone are particularly durable, but they can seem cold and would not suit traditionally styled interiors. Most people tend to opt for wood as it ages well and can be used for a variety of styles.
Whatever your choice, it is best to opt for a user-friendly finish that won’t require constant protection and maintenance.

No dining table is complete without seating. If you already have chairs it is vital you choose a table that complements them. If you are buying chairs to go with your table, consider what you will need from them in terms of space, style and materials. For instance, is the fabric durable? Will they offer the appropriate support to everyone, young and old? Are they easy to manoeuvre?
The chair is often the part of the dining experience where people get creative with fabrics and colours. Modern dining rooms often feature mis-matched chairs so don’t be afraid to shop around and get creative.

Off-the-shelf vs bespoke
Once you have considered all your requirements from a dining table, chances are you will have a very specific list of needs. You could shop around, trying to find that piece in a million that delivers everything you desire – or you could just buy bespoke.
The dining table really is an investment piece. It isn’t something you want to replace every couple of years because it’s worn out or your needs have changed. With bespoke furniture, you get a table that's built to last as well as being built to your exact specifications.
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Turning your ideas into your dream piece of furniture

All we need is a sketch of your idea and our workshop will do the hard work

Turning your ideas into your dream piece of furniture

All we need is a sketch of your idea and our workshop will do the hard work
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