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New Year, New Trends

New Year, New Trends

Happy New Year! One thing everyone can agree is that we are all extremely excited to say goodbye to 2020 and look forward to a brand-new year full of hope in 2021. But each year brings brand new trends to follow, lets find out what they are.


Minimalistic interiors have dominated designs for many years. 2021 brings maximalism, with a wider range of possibilities and combinations of various styles. You will be able to use more interesting decorative objects that are neither simple nor standard.

Contemporary fireplace

Contemporary fireplaces are increasingly sought after as a decorative element. With their subtle design, it will make all the difference in the design of a living room as well as adding a much-needed cosy environment.

Back to black

Black will be a dominant and widely used colour in furniture, fitting, finishes as well as walls. Used with clear contrast, black can make spaces visually larger and steer away from the feared risk.


Velvet will be widely used in interior decoration. From velvet upholstered armchair, to velvet headboards and ottomans. Velvet can also be used with soft furnishings such as cushions as a way to achieve elegance in your home.

Hardware display

Industrial design will exceed in 2021, particularly in bathrooms. Leaving pipes and tubes beautifully exposed. Traditionally used in old houses, this is a trend we will see used again to bring elegance and charm into the home.

Windows replacing mirrors

This year mirrors over vanity units are being replaced with windows. Flooding the bathroom with natural light, inspiring everyday beauty.

Warm colours

Before, white, and grey walls dominated interior design but in 2021 things are warming up. Still with neutral colours taking centre stage, they will warmer creating a deeper, cosier environment.  

We look forward to seeing the new trends of 2021 and welcome the new year with open arms. At Middleton Bespoke Joinery we are enthusiastic about the year ahead and working with all our clients on new and exciting projects.
Vesta Interiors and The International Property Awards

Award Winning Design


We recently worked with Vesta Interior Designers on a project involving a London apartment. The client, Hala, wanted a space where she could socialise and relax "Home is such an important thing to me, it’s not just about having walls and a roof, it’s about telling a story and most importantly my story; sharing my loves, life and passions."

Together, Vesta were able to design and Middleton Bespoke Joinery created and installed the client's dream space. When the project was complete, Vesta's client, Hala, loved the design and quality of the craftsmanship. As the project was such a success, Vesta put the project in for the International Property Awards and won.


The International Property Awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement and a world-renowned mark of excellence. Winners of the prestigious award generate extensive media coverage and are listed inside the official 'World's Best Winner Books'. Companies who win, have the right to display the awards logo within their company as to display the quality of their work and service.

Daniel Middleton, director of Middleton Bespoke Joinery & DM Specialist also said "I am extremely proud of Vesta and the team that worked on the project and it is a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing project, showcasing our craftmanship which the client loved as well as the amazing design, the award is well deserved, and we are all please here at Middleton Bespoke Joinery. Our clients are at the heart of our company, so it is always good news to hear their success"

Client Brief


Vesta asked Hala what her initial brief vision was after she explained what her London apartment meant to her and the sentimental value both London and her apartment have to her.

"Wardrobes, wardrobes and wardrobes... this is where I started. I have a LOT of bags and shoes (at least 50 pairs of shoes...) that I wanted to display beautifully so this was the first thing I listed when speaking to Vesta. This then played into my Dressing Room ideas; since being a child I have wanted a swoon-worthy Dressing Room I could have huge mirrors and lights in and large display areas for my favourite things. I wanted a spacious room I could get ready in alone or with friends before heading out, a really sociable and luxurious space. When it came to colour, I was clear I wanted hot pinks and purples but to be used in a sophisticated way. And I wanted to add elements of gold where possible. Ashley was so helpful in guiding me on the best use of colour and how and where to combine colour."

Hala describes her apartment as "my home from home and my safe haven" which is why it is so important to deliver her brief.

Dream Dressing Room


“Our client was looking for a luxurious, chic and feminine home from home in the city. And as a frequent traveller, it was important for her to feel grounded when in London with lots of comfort whilst tapping into her cultural roots. Our client was very specific on including lots of pink, purple and pops of colour as well as marble and golds to create a truly high-end and bespoke residence. It was clear from the outset that this project would require a lot of bespoke joinery and we needed to work alongside a trusted supplier to create some truly outstanding elements. We worked with Middleton Bespoke Joinery to create our client's dream walk-in dressing room, a stunning media unit in the living area with wallpaper wrapped door & floating shelves above and luxurious mirrored entrance hall." - Ashley Baker, Vesta Interior Designer. As a trusted supplier, we always make sure the products that we produce are always up to the specification, to the highest quality and exceed client expectations. We love making an everlasting impression with our clients, especially when we can bring the design and someone’s dream to life, in this case, Hala’s dream dressing room.


Client Satisfaction 


This is everything the little me imagined it to be and more – I mean from when I was a young girl and dreamt of one day having my own home with a beautiful Dressing Room. It has everything from the gorgeous chaise lounge, to the large mirrors and lighting and the perfect storage for my bags and shoes." – Hala


International Property Awards


The International Property Awards are open to residential and commercial property professionals from around the globe. They celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. An International Property Award is a world-renowned mark of excellence. The awards cover Africa, Asia Pacific, Arabia, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, the UK, and the USA. Benefits of winning this award include global media coverage, higher awareness and endorsement and award logos.

Vesta were ‘Award Winners’ for the 2019-2020 International Property Awards. Ashley Baker, interior designer at Vesta was overjoyed to receive the award "I am so happy this project has won an International Property Award, it was an incredible experience to work on and was an absolute joy to work with so many talented people within the industry. More importantly, though, our client was beyond thrilled and stated that one of her absolute favourite elements is her dream dressing room we created.”

Visit Vesta's website and read their interview with Hala and their fantastic design journey.

Why Choose Bespoke?

Why Choose Bespoke?

Furniture is a key part of any room and has a huge impact on both the appearance and atmosphere. When it comes down to choosing furniture for your home, there are many options available… do you go for a cheap flat-pack and mass-produced? Or do you go for bespoke furniture, designed, and made specifically around you and your home? Bespoke furniture comes with many benefits over the flat-pack alternative, such as optimising the space in your home, having a perfect design or being a long-lasting piece of furniture. 

Built to Last

All of our bespoke furniture is made using the highest quality materials. We work with a range of materials such as hard and solid wood, veneers, metal, glass, and lighting. As bespoke means, made for a particular customer or user, a bespoke piece of furniture is unique to you and your home needs. This is beneficial in many ways as it gives you freedom of design as well as a high-quality piece that has been built to last. Bespoke furniture is an investment that will continue to add value to your home, serve its purpose for a considerable long time, have the ability to be repaired if damage occurs in your home, instead of replacing the whole piece (like you would with mass-produced products) as well as tailoring to your unique home.



With bespoke furniture, you choose the design. This means the shape, style, colour, finish, material, dimensions and any additional details are all up to you, making the piece yours and idiosyncratic to you with you distinctive design created around your very own living space. Whether you choose a built-in or freestanding piece, it becomes part of the home adding value, atmosphere, and a unique, special appearance.
If you have a large space, you are looking to fill you might decide to opt for a large display unit to fill space and add character to your room. On the contrary, you may have a smaller space to work with and looking to optimise the space you have, offering storage solutions, an illusion of a larger space or simply to add something beautiful to enhance the room.
Colour Psychology
How is Colour an Influential Factor in our Lives?

When you walk into a room the very first thing you notice is its colour. It is the most simple and quick ways of transforming the outlook of the space and have a strong visual impact… but what about the impacts they have in our minds? Emotions are enhanced and made stronger through the use of colour. They can give the illusion of a bigger room can make it appear cluttered and confining.

We all know colour is very important to a room and in interior design but how to do they have an impact on our feelings and behaviours and what role do they play in our everyday lives, how do they impact our feelings and behaviours? Pablo Picasso once said, “colours, like features follow the changes of emotion”. So, what is the best colour to have in a certain room, like a bedroom or the kitchen for example? Why do we have a favourite colour, what does it say about our personality?

Studies show we are subconsciously affected by colour all the time. In one study scientists tested placebo pills on patients to see if the colour off the pill affected the way it worked. They reported that warm coloured pills were more effective than cool coloured pills – of course, placebo pills have no medicine in them at all and work purely by tricking the mind. In other research, blue streetlights can lead to reduced crime according to evidence, and the colour red causes people to react with greater speed and force which may be used to some advantages such as athletes.

So, what are the connotations of colour? White, fresh, clean, youth and modernity. Black, powerful, sexy, mysterious, ominous, silver, innovation, modernity, cutting edge, red, bold, attention-grabbing, confidence, blue, stability, safety, dependable, trustworthy, yellow, happy, willing to take a risk, grey, subtle. There are positive and negative connotations of all colours.
Colour Positive Connotations Negative Connotations
Blue Tranquil, secure, integrity, peace, loyalty, trust, intelligent Cold, fear, masculine
Turquoise Spiritual, healing, protection, sophisticated, Envy, feminine
Green Fresh, environment, new, money, healing, earth Envy, jealousy, guilt
Yellow Bright, sunny, energetic, warm, happy, perky, joy, intelligence, Irresponsible, unstable
Purple Royalty, nobles, spiritual, luxury, ambition, wealth Mystery moodiness
Pink Healthy, happy, feminine, sweet, compassionate, playful Weak, feminine, immature
Red Love, passion, energy, power, strength, heat, desire Anger, danger, warning
Orange Courage, confident, friendliness, success Ignorant, sluggish
Brown Friendly, earth, outdoors, longevity, conservative Dogmatic, conservative
Tan Dependable, flexible, crisp, conservative Dull, boring
Gold Wealth, wisdom, prosperity, valuable, traditional Egotistical, self-righteous
Silver Glamourous, high-tech, graceful, sleek Indecisive, dull, non-committal
White Goodness, innocence, purity, fresh, easy, clean Isolation, emptiness
Grey Security, reliable, intelligence, solid Gloomy, sad, conservative
Black Protection, elegance, dramatic, classy, formal Death, evil, mystery

So why do we have a favourite colour? Of course, personal taste and preference has a lot to do with it, but does your personality influence your taste in colour?

If your favourite colour is blue, you are likely to be cool, calm and able to keep the tranquillity, where others cannot. Blue is often associated with a feeling of serenity which may be why you have such a calm and collected personality.

If red takes your favourite spot, you are bold, extroverted and want to make an impression and are aware of the effects and connotations of the colour red and are confident enough to take advantage of it, you almost always want to be the centre of attention.

It is a common misconception that if you have a love of nature you favour green, however, if green is your colour of choice you are prone to finding a lot of importance in money and security. You desperately want to feel secure in both finances and relationships. How you are viewed by others is your biggest concern, your greatest desire is to be seen as successful, wealthy and as the most important person in social circles.

If your favourite colour is pink you are most likely to have delicate sensibilities, be a bit naïve and lead a sheltered life. You often want to escape from the reality of adult life and are childlike in the way that you act and interact with others.

If orange is your favoured colour, you are friendly, easy-going, theatrical and adore being the centre of attention. You are flamboyant, unlikely to have serious thoughts. People like you because you are always friendly and always have good intentions, but you can sometimes be overpowering and obnoxious.

If your favourite colour is Yellow you are a happy idealist, always very optimistic and people see you as happy and friendly.
Purple people are unique and tackle the world with utopian ideas, you favour mysticism rather than reality. You can be rather impractical as you have extravagant and creative ideas.

If your favourite colour is grey you are rather detached from life and indecisive. You can sometimes lack commitment, but your intentions are always in the right place.

If your favourite colour is black you can be moody but with sophistication. You are a realist with a desire for control and pessimistic outlooks.

If your favourite colour is white you are the innocence of the world. You embrace your innocence and purity and are very particular in your appearance.

If you favour the colour brown you are a simple being who likes comfort. You feel there is no need for extravagance or spontaneity and are always reliable and direct. You are also quite frugal and money conscious.

So what colours are the best to have in each room and why? Since colour is such a noticeable element and has such a big effect on our subconscious mind and does the tone of colour have a different effect on us?

Blue is a very calm colour that can make you feel relaxed, centred and serene. It is known to help lower blood pressure, clear the mind and help steady breathing. While blue rooms are ideal for lounging and resting, it is important to note that pastel blues can come across as chilly. Light, warm blues are ideal and are easily balanced with warm hues and furnishings.

Yellow is a fantastic colour to colour a kitchen as it brightens your mood and increases your energy (typically something we all need in the mornings while dragging ourselves to the kettle). Yellow can capture the sunlight and leave you with an uplifting feeling of joy and liveliness.

White makes your home feel spacious and open and gives you a neutral feeling, this allows you to either leave the room as a happy medium, no factors affecting your mood or gives you a blank canvas to layer in colours via ornaments and furnishings while leaving the clean feeling of a white foundation.

Green is a great colour for the home office or study as it symbolises prosperity and helps to reduce anxiety. It is one of the most restful colours for your eyes and known to be restorative mind clearing, and it also gives an outdoorsy, natural feel to the room. Having dark tones of green emphasises the feeling of nature and are ideal for more sophisticated spaces, whereas a pastel green can enlarge a space. Lime greens can be fun and act as good accents but used in larger amounts may be more ideal for children’s rooms.

Purple is a rich, dramatic colour that is historically associated with royalty and luxury, as a matter of fact, purple was Queen Victoria’s favourite colour. Deep purple gives off a very romantic, mysterious and luxurious vibe and is great for sparking creativity. While deep purples are not the best for the bedroom, lighter purples such a lilac are better options as they help the mind relax and are calming.

Orange is a very exciting colour that brings out a burst of energy and enthusiasm. It is a great colour to exercise around, perhaps ideal for a home gym, but not so good for the living room or bedroom where you want to wind down and unwind. Orange can stimulate your appetite, so if you are trying to calorie control this is not the best colour to surround yourself with.

Red is typically linked to romance and roses as well as hostility and rage. Red is known to raise blood pressure, heart rate and irritability. It is an ideal colour for social rooms as it emphasises socialisation rather than promoting relaxation.

Pink causes what is known as the ‘pink effect’. This is where exposure to the colour oink can have a calming effect on the nerves and helps to relieve feelings of anger and neglect. Pink has the opposite effect of its primary counterpart, red, as the longer, you are exposed to the colour pink, the calmer you will become. Lighter pinks are great for children’s rooms as feelings of love, playfulness and kindness are emphasised.

What are the benefits of using neutral colours?

There are many benefits to having neutral colours in your space.
  • Neutrals are versatile, they can have warm or cool undertones, increasing their usability as a whole
  • Neutrals can go with any decorating taste or style – provide the perfect backdrop and prevent a space looking too busy. Adding neutrals in layers wit pops of colour creates visual depth and interest
  • Neutrals invoke a sense of visual calmness by their lack of boldness and brightness helping to relax the mind
  • Neutrals have a widespread appeal
What are the benefits of using bold colours?
  • Bold colours boost your mood and each colour brings its own vibe so you can choose what kind of mood and atmosphere you want to create
  • Bold colours encourage family time and socialising. By creating a bold and bright atmosphere you stimulate the mind and increase the energy thus creating a space people do not have to use, rather one they want to use
  • Using bold colours in the kitchen can make cooking more enjoyable – having space where you feel uplifted and energised means you’re more likely to want to spend time there, creating something for you and loved ones to share.
  • Bold colours do not necessarily mean bright, illuminous colours they can be deep, powerful colours such as a deep bottle green or a rich crimson. Having a statement colour can be more effective in influencing mood, for example, a green colour can help reduce anxiety, helping to escape chaotic feelings and energy and create a calming space.

So how do you incorporate colour?
If your space features neutral colours as the main focus, there are many ways to add colour and atmosphere without completely redecorating.
You can add accents in the form of soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs. This is an interesting way to create a theme and incorporate colour without creating a loud or clashing room. It is not just soft furnishings that can be used to add colour, having a feature wall to bring focus onto that specific colour and is an interesting way of incorporating colour. This can be in the form of a painted wall, wallpaper or by using panelling which would also provide depth and texture. Alternatively, colour can be incorporated into joinery and other furniture by adding wallpaper finishes, upholstering, linen, dyed leather or veneers.
In conclusion, colour affects us in more ways than we think and is an important aspect to consider in design.

Turning your ideas into your dream piece of furniture

All we need is a sketch of your idea and our workshop will do the hard work

Turning your ideas into your dream piece of furniture

All we need is a sketch of your idea and our workshop will do the hard work
interior design bespoke furniture