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Do Your Part To Protect The Environment As a Business

As a business we are always trying to help the environment as best we can. Whether this is by changing the chemicals in our spray shop, finding better working alternatives for materials, or providing support to our local community.

 In light of International Day Of Action For Rivers on Saturday 14th of March, we are bringing a slightly different blog this month.
For some time now we have been actively helping bring awareness to our local environment, particularly the wonderful river that runs through Radwell. With only 225 chalk rivers worldwide, the upper River Ivel is one of 180 found here in England, making it a rare and wonderful part of our eco-system that must be treasured.

As a company we are working with RevIvel, a local charity, to help protect the river and raise awareness for the growing concerns surrounding its existence. RevIvel’s aim is to secure a regular flow rate throughout the river that continues year-round. With water flow and quality restored it is hoped that Brown Trout will return to the Upper Ivel, a place that was once famous for having trout in abundance. This follows with it a habitat that is capable of once again supporting an array of wildlife, from birds to crustaceans, plants and beyond.
For 16 months between August 2018 to December 2019, the river had no flow between its source at Ivel Springs and Radwell. The upper 1 1/2 miles had dried out completely by the time that it reached the summer of 2019. Until recently the river had remained relatively empty, despite significant amounts of rainfall throughout recent months. However, the lack of water is not entirely down to low rainfall or climate change. Over recent years the river flow rate has been reduced dramatically by over-abstraction.                                                        

The aquifer, which is the source of this unique chalk river is being drained of its contents by Affinity Water, who use it as a cheaper option due to its purity. In turn, the springs and the river are being left dry, ultimately effecting the wider ecosystem. This river was once home to a plethora of wildlife year-round, however, with a lack of water, current wildlife levels have depleted. Fewer Kingfisher, no water vole or otter, and less fish. As a result of this over-abstraction, the river valley dries up, leading to poor river flow, subsequently making the river uninhabitable for much wildlife.
In November 2019 North Hertfordshire District Council voted in favour of a motion that declared the situation an environmental emergency. As a result, it was decided to question Affinity Water and the Environment Agency, over its plans to continue abstraction. RevIvel, our local association, had planned to attend a Baldock area council meeting on March 23rd, alongside both the Environmental Agency and Affinity Water.  Unfortunately, the meeting has now been cancelled.  RevIveI plans to continue to question both Affinity Water and the Environment Agency, regarding the abstraction rates. They are pushing to have the flow of the river measured and to have abstraction rates linked to the flow.  Their proposal is that when flow rates drop below a certain level, Affinity Water will be required to augment the flow. It is important that we create a link between the lack of river flow and the abstraction in order to hold those responsible accountable.
We all need to work together to protect the River Ivel and other environmental wonders for future generations to come!
To get involved with RevIvel and their amazing work you can contact them at or, Twitter IvelRev and Facebook RevIvel Radwell.
We need to make changes now before it's too late.
Get in touch with your local association today to see where you can offer your support and help.

As companies, we must help where we can, to implement other alternative ways of working that won't continue to damage the environment and its natural systems.


Freestanding Or Built-in Furniture?

Helping you identify the right furniture style for your home.

Choosing between freestanding and built-in furniture can always be a tricky one. In recent years there have even been debates over which is the better option. However, it isn't necessarily about which is superior- since they both have their own individual benefits- it is more so about which is the better solution for you and your home at a given time.
Both are fantastic compliments to a home, and really work (often together) to establish a continuous style. Nonetheless, they do bring their own presence and character, which is important to identify before deciding which to go for.
Freestanding furniture
This is normally an easier option as it provides both flexibility and versatility. If ideas change or you want a room refresh, it is a smoother process being able to rearrange furniture that isn't cemented anywhere. It is important to include furniture in your home that is accepting of change. You want something that will stay in tune with the rest of the interior over time. An important factor to consider is the ability to take furniture with you if the time comes to move out. Of course, having furniture that can easily be moved and transported is a bonus, and can make the whole moving process a lot smoother.

Freestanding pieces often come together in sets or you can select specific pieces that are of the same design; making it more personal and easier to connect separate rooms together. Therefore creating a continuous flow of relative interiors throughout the whole house. The only issue with this could be a matter of the furniture consuming too much space in a room than what it offers.
In terms of finding furniture that is personal to you, regardless of whether the items are freestanding or built-in, then bespoke options are always a good option. They can prove to be more costly, however with this comes quality and longevity; something that is essential when buying furniture and designing for your home.
Built-in furniture
In regards to fitted items they are fantastic at making statements and creating an impact. They are usually larger than freestanding pieces and a perfect way to flaunt any themes that you have running throughout the interior. With them tending to be larger than most freestanding pieces comes space for multi-functioning designs. Such as a TV wall that not only provides entertainment but also storage and display space. Or a wardrobe that is integrated and hidden behind the walls, as a way to make the most of the space in the room. Regarding being resourceful with space, fitted pieces can offer a great solution when dealing with a tricky area. Whereas freestanding options may take longer to find the ideal fit. By using the right furniture for your given space, it can reduce the risk of it becoming overwhelming.

Having said this, including a mixture of both freestanding and built- in furniture may prove to be ideal for your build. It can add a further sense of depth and architecture, making the interior feel more sumptuous. Often people will opt for specific furniture types in select rooms. An example of this is the common choice for fitted kitchens nowadays, besides from the fact that it is a modern styling, it can also make tidying up detritus an easier process as there are less places available to create mess- although I am sure that with a busy household this is unavoidable no matter the type of furniture that you have. In addition to this, having freestanding as the prominent choice for furniture in a lounge may be your preferable. It can easily draw warmth into a social room by having multiple pieces that are all complementary of each other.
Creating any type of furniture made bespoke means that it will suit your specific requirements perfectly. You can easily control the size, style and colour of any appliance by choosing whichever preferences that you desire. Whether this is freestanding or built-in it is a great way to add your own character to the home, with your own ideas being the main source of input throughout the design process.

At Middleton Bespoke Joinery, bespoke furniture is what we do (it's even in the name!). Whether you choose to go for freestanding or built-in designs we can bring them to life. If it's a traditional, elegant or modern style that you want- we can do it. We have a comprehensive portfolio of images available to view demonstrating much of our work over the years.

Get in touch today to discuss any design ideas or enquiries.

New Decade, New Decor

As we enter not only a new year but a whole new decade, it brings forth an immense motivation for change. 

It is that time of year where everyone puts those annual resolutions into practice; whether it is to get fit and attend the gym, take up a new hobby or spend more quality time with friends and family.

A great place to start- a place that is often overlooked- is the home where these ideas are sparked. A clear mind can be greatly effected dependent on the space that it is in. So this new year, why not make changes towards that kitchen that you have always dreamed of? Or start adding fresher details to the bathroom that has never quite hit perfect.

You will soon find that with new interiors, some other resolutions may too be achieved. Something as simple as a brand new dinning room table, or something greater; such as a complete kitchen refurb, can make brilliant excuses for a social gathering. To spend quality time with loved ones in a refreshing new space that everyone enjoys.

The thing with interiors is that, like most things, they can always be altered and designed to fit your wants and needs. A home should always be just that; somewhere you feel most comfortable and able to relax. Some people prefer a home with lots of characteristics and a loud personality, whilst others prefer a space that is simpler with quiet details.

Bespoke Furniture may be the way...

Which ever the way, why settle for furniture and decor that is anything less than perfect for you? Bespoke furniture is the best way to get exactly what you want. Your exact designs can be brought to life in the way that you want it to. With Bespoke designs it is the element of originality that makes it that little bit more exciting. Creating a piece of furniture that is personalised to you and your home. 
If there are no immediate ideas that spring to mind, however a change in the home is what you need, then there are many different places to seek inspiration from. Pinterest is a great place to start; saving images and creating your own mood board will help to organise different ideas. In addition to this, home furniture magazines such as 'Ideal Home' or 'Good Homes' can be a good read, even if it is just for the images, to grasp some designs that maybe previously would not have been considered. 

Bespoke joinery is what we do. If you are looking to liven up your living space and make changes to your home this year. Contact us today to begin discussing and designing your bespoke furniture pieces.

2020 Trends

This year is time to be bold!
Abstract and Colour.
There is plenty to look forward in 2020, it's all about colour, expressing yourself, fun and free spirit!

Abstract work with bold geometrics and punchy colours intends to lift the mood.

Rich colour palettes like royal blues mixed with metallic details of gold, burnished copper and bronze will sure make a statement.
Nordic Evolution
Grey is not going anywhere; but it is evolving. This year instead of the typical cool grey cold room, we are switching to a more yellow based warming and uplifting neutrals such as tranquil dawn from Dulux.
These colours can be used anywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom.
A way of adding interest to the room is by adding darker colours, texture, raw materials and of course ambient lights.
A strategic way of innovating your home is by updating key pieces of furniture.
Sculptural furniture, raw materials and traditional details.
Don't let your furniture sit in the background, make them take a more prominent role in setting the tone for the room!


Turning your ideas into your dream piece of furniture

All we need is a sketch of your idea and our workshop will do the hard work

Turning your ideas into your dream piece of furniture

All we need is a sketch of your idea and our workshop will do the hard work
interior design bespoke furniture