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5 Things to Consider in a Walk-in Wardrobe

How clever planning can achieve the best results with your walk-in wardrobe.

Walk-in wardrobes are continuously growing in popularity and are a great storage solution for maximising and organising space, by optimising and using available areas. So, what are the main points you should think about when planning a walk-in wardrobe?


1. Prioritise Hanging Space

Separate your long and short garments and measure how many metres of hanging space you will need for each, then add an extra 20% to this measurement. This allows for a little extra wiggle room for storage, (for those with continuously expanding wardrobes consider adding extra to avoid a cramped and messy space).

TIP: an average 2.2m ceiling will allow for two rows of short hanging (one on top of the other), or one row of long hanging with shelves or drawers beneath.


2. Consider Clever Fittings

There are many ‘smart solutions’ to add to a walk-in wardrobe. These can include:
  • A pull-out shoe larder – store multiple pairs in a narrow space, meaning shoes are stored separately and in pairs instead of being stacked inside storage baskets.
  •  Trouser drawers – a pull-out rack that allows you to hang trousers, preventing creases while maximising space
  • Coat hook – coat hooks that can seamlessly tuck away allow you to plan outfits without removing them from the hangers making outfit planning stress and mess-free 


3. Be Savvy with Space
Sliding or pocket doors will not infiltrate storage space. Consider installing underfloor heating to ensure valuable wall space isn’t compromised and remains free and useable.


4. Light it Up
Well planned lighting provides a practical and beautiful effect to your wardrobe. LED lighting provides the best light for viewing garments, while spotlights can be conveniently adjusted.

5. Shoes
Shoes are one of the trickiest pieces to store but designing your space right will provide you with effortless and beautiful shoe storage. Shoe bars really only work best for heeled shoes, so if you are planning on storing flat footwear in your wardrobe make sure you plan for flat shelves or a pull-out shoe larder. 

2022 Interior Design Trends

What Does 2022 Have in Store for Design?

Happy New Year! Yet another year has passed by, and we are now welcoming 2022 and all it has to offer. As usual, each year brings in new trends and predictions for design and what we will see more of when improving interiors.

Multifunctional Space

The idea of a multifunctional space is focusing less on how a room looks and more on how a room feels. This trend will be about how to create the most comfortable home that suits your own personal needs. If you live in a smaller home, often you have to think multifunctional, storage may be found in unconventional places that optimise space.

Sustainability in Your Home

Sustainability is a trend we have seen in homes for a few years, and it is further developing due to the growing problem with climate change, therefore we expect to see sustainability take a lead position in design trends in 2022. There are many ways in which you can make a home more sustainable through design as well as practising sustainable and eco-conscious actions at home such as recycling and preserving energy. Find out how to incorporate sustainability into design.

Palm plant behing a wooden and brass side table


Natural Materials

One of the overall themes in the 2022 interior design trends, is nature. Nature brings effortless beauty into our homes in many ways. Furniture and décor made from natural materials is an effective way to create a natural atmosphere and appearance. It is important to choose ethically sourced materials to contribute to sustainability.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

During the pandemic, we found ourselves favouring the outdoors and bringing elements of the outdoors into our homes. As we progress into 2022, we expect to see a development in indoor-outdoor in many ways. Indoor-outdoor living does not fall under one design umbrella so there are many ways to achieve the desired results. Find out more.
Sky light in a white ceiling with a cloud

70’s Designs with a Modern Twist

When the majority of us think of the 1970’s décor we cannot help but cringe. However, with a modern twist, 70’s warm earthy tones and curved furnishings give us something to be excited about and look forward to seeing more of in 2022… however that infamous 1970’s orange will not be expected to make an appearance…

                                     seventies inspired interior design                                                70s decorations

Colour Trends 2022

PANTONE and Dulux have both announced a new ‘colour or the year’ for 2022. PANTONE ‘Very Peri’ Dulux ‘Bright Skies’ are both on the cool side of the colour wheel with a more neutral undertone but still exhibiting bright personalities which gives these colours a fun twist on typical neutral colour trends. PANTONE has released several colour palettes that complement ‘Very Peri’ and have also showcased how the colour can be used in designs as accents or as the main statement. Dulux has a similar approach to exhibiting their colour of the year by producing four palettes to compliment ‘Bright Skies’ – Dulux describes the colour as an “airy and fresh tone that opens up and breathes new life into any space”.

Both colours are described and used as a ‘transformative’ shade, whether they are painted on walls, sprayed on joinery, or used as accents, they are beautiful colours that we’re excited to see take over 2022.
How Have Christmas Designs Changed Over the Years?

Festive Interior Design Trends and How They Have Changed Over the Years.

George Michael isn’t the only one thinking about ‘Last Christmas,’ we are also thinking about how decorative Christmas trends have changed over the years. In the past ten years, we have seen new colour schemes and minimalism take over from previously loved traditions. Traditional styles, lights and even what we put at the top of the tree have all changed and contemporary trends introduced.


In 2009, the most popular colours to decorate with were red, gold, silver and white. 2021 saw silver reign supreme with gold adding warmth, that’s not all, we also see brightly coloured decorations spread throughout homes, neon hues saturating Christmas trees and glitter baubles adding that needed sparkle to our lives.

old photo of a christmas tree from the early 2000s


Larger trees have grown in popularity. In 2009, 4ft trees were the most popular. In 2021 7ft trees are the most popular size, coming in all sorts of shapes including asymmetrical and sparse trees, compared to the classic pine tree. Pre-lit Christmas trees are also on the rise. In 2009, John Lewis stocked just one kind of pre-lit Christmas tree and in 2019 stock forty different kinds of pre-lit trees, all with LED bulbs compared to the previous incandescent bulb.

modern day christmas tree with snow and neutal decorations


The lights we wrap and drape around our trees have dramatically increased from 160 incandescent bulbs to cover a 6ft tree, to 480 LED bulbs to cover a 6ft tree. In recent years there has been an increase in neutral coloured LED lights such as white and warm white, replacing the classic red, green, yellow and blue incandescent string lights.

close up of warm lights wrapped around an artificial christmas tree


Baubles and Tinsel

Tinsel and baubles gained a sense of individuality over the years. In 2009, John Lewis stocked less than two hundred individual types of bauble and only three colours of tinsel (red, gold and silver). In 2019, the amount of individual bauble stoked by John Lewis increased to four hundred different types and eight different types of tinsel (iridescent white and rainbow being the most popular).

old style christmas decorations

To top off the Christmas trends, let’s talk toppers. Star or angel? Perhaps a dove? Or a snowflake? The finishing touch of our trees have changed and developed to include many different kinds of toppers, from bows to stars, to angels and even light up tree toppers. In 2009, just four tree toppers were stocked by John Lewis. This number tripled in 2019.

Over the years, we have decided to add more class when it comes to decorating our homes for the festive holidays, and we are now finding our own individual styles of festive decorations, whether it being blush coloured ornaments, or putting a light-up star on the top of the tree.

blush christmas decoations

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Halloween & Seasonal Design

Incorporating Halloween into Interior Design

Halloween decorations can often feel ‘cheesy’ or ‘over-the-top’, especially in elegantly designed homes. However you do not have to sacrifice style for the festive season, there are many ways to incorporate seasonal decorations and fun into your home while maintaining beautiful designs and elegant style, without comprising your home and completely redecorating your home with bright orange pumpkins and spider webs…

Front door with autumn wreath made of oraange leaves and flowers

Many luxury homes have opted to have bespoke joinery and furniture to add value and décor to their home, there are ways to add seasonal touches to these pieces too, using clever interior design techniques. If you have a large display unit which becomes a feature wall, why not utilise this to your advance and ass some classy seasonal decorations that compliment your existing décor? By adding small glass or ceramic pumpkins to your display, you are able to add seasonal touches that are both subtle and classy but pack an autumnal feel. You can experiment with different sizes, colours, and materials to create different looks and atmospheres. People typically think of bright orange when it comes to pumpkins, but you can find a fresh perspective using creams or sage or perhaps darker shades of orange to create a classic and traditional look.

Display unit with marblw fireplace and brass details

Long black pillar and dinner candles are an excellent way to add spooky and seasonal touches to console and dinner tables, as well as provide ambience and atmosphere when lit. To impress family and guests around the dinner table during the Halloween season, replace your regular cutlery with black flatware and seasonal glassware and decanters.

Black candle surounded by dried flowers

Tailoring your seasonal centrepieces around the Halloween season can be an elegant and impressive creation by using dried gourds. Incorporating autumnal colours is an effective way of leaving lasting impressions with a temporary design.

Autumnal centre piece dried flowers pampas and pumkin

Utilising light during seasonal changes is an effective and clever way to add your unique touch to Halloween festivities. Experimenting with string lights adds warmth to the atmosphere with some incorporating autumn leaves to their design. Using candles and candle holders to create unique and interesting shadows with a mystical edge representing Halloween and the seasonal spirit.

open bulb string lights

Outdoor décor does not have to take the form of fibreglass tombstones or plastic skeletons that dangle from your door. Instead, add autumnal wreaths to your front door to set the tone as soon as you walk through the door. Adding black lanterns double up as seasonal decoration as well as Halloween décor to gardens, doorsteps, and porches – what may come across as simple outdoor lighting, can provide a sinister ambience.

black latenr lit

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween from everyone at Middleton Bespoke Joinery.

woman lighting long candles

Turning your ideas into your dream piece of furniture

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Turning your ideas into your dream piece of furniture

All we need is a sketch of your idea and our workshop will do the hard work
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