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Freestanding Or Built-in Furniture?

Helping you identify the right furniture style for your home.

Choosing between freestanding and built-in furniture can always be a tricky one. In recent years there have even been debates over which is the better option. However, it isn't necessarily about which is superior- since they both have their own individual benefits- it is more so about which is the better solution for you and your home at a given time.
Both are fantastic compliments to home and really work (often together) to establish a continuous style. Nonetheless, they do bring their own presence and character, which is important to identify before deciding which to go for.
Freestanding furniture
This is normally an easier option as it provides both flexibility and versatility. If ideas change or you want a room refresh, it is a smoother process being able to rearrange furniture that isn't cemented anywhere. It is important to include furniture in your home that is accepting of the change. You want something that will stay in tune with the rest of the interior over time. An important factor to consider is the ability to take furniture with you if the time comes to move out. Of course, having furniture that can easily be moved and transported is a bonus, and can make the whole moving process a lot smoother.

specialist stone coffee table
Freestanding pieces often come together in sets or you can select specific pieces that are of the same design; making it more personal and easier to connect separate rooms. Therefore creating a continuous flow of relative interiors throughout the whole house. The only issue with this could be a matter of the furniture consuming too much space in a room than what it offers.
In terms of finding furniture that is personal to you, regardless of whether the items are freestanding or built-in, then bespoke options are always a good option. They can prove to be more costly, however with this comes quality and longevity; something that is essential when buying furniture and designing for your home.
Built-in furniture
In regards to fitted items, they are fantastic at making statements and creating an impact. They are usually larger than freestanding pieces and a perfect way to flaunt any themes that you have running throughout the interior. With them tending to be larger than most freestanding pieces comes space for multi-functioning designs. Such as a TV wall that not only provides entertainment but also storage and display space. Or a wardrobe that is integrated and hidden behind the walls, as a way to make the most of the space in the room. Regarding being resourceful with space, fitted pieces can offer a great solution when dealing with a tricky area. Whereas freestanding options may take longer to find the ideal fit. By using the right furniture for your given space, it can reduce the risk of it becoming overwhelming.
 Bronze detailed bespoke tv wall with marble fireplace

Having said this, including a mixture of both freestanding and built-in furniture may prove to be ideal for your build. It can add a further sense of depth and architecture, making the interior feel more sumptuous. Often people will opt for specific furniture types in select rooms. An example of this is the common choice for fitted kitchens nowadays, besides from the fact that it is a modern styling, it can also make tidying up detritus an easier process as there are fewer places available to create a mess- although I am sure that with a busy household this is unavoidable no matter the type of furniture that you have. In addition to this, having freestanding as the prominent choice for furniture in a lounge may be your preference. It can easily draw warmth into a social room by having multiple pieces that are all complementary to each other.
Creating any type of furniture made bespoke means that it will suit your specific requirements perfectly. You can easily control the size, style and colour of any appliance by choosing whichever preferences that you desire. Whether this is freestanding or built-in it is a great way to add your own character to the home, with your own ideas being the main source of input throughout the design process.
 macassar ebony credenza

At Middleton Bespoke Joinery, bespoke furniture is what we do (it's even in the name!). Whether you choose to go for freestanding or built-in designs we can bring them to life. If it's a traditional, elegant or modern style that you want- we can do it. We have a comprehensive portfolio of images available to view demonstrating much of our work over the years.

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Turning your ideas into your dream piece of furniture

All we need is a sketch of your idea and our workshop will do the hard work

Turning your ideas into your dream piece of furniture

All we need is a sketch of your idea and our workshop will do the hard work
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